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Overrated and stale alternative rock band who have made a career off of writing the same album over and over again.

A favorite among whiny pretentious emo kids and hipsters who think they know shit about music.
Radiohead are bland and dull.
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A person who plays video games excessively each and every day, frequently allowing all their free time to be consumed by video games. These individuals frequently think they are smart, but are not as they spend all their time rotting their minds with video games rather than learning new skills. They are frequently quick to anger when losing on a video game because they have lost the ability to fully differentiate between games and reality. Most gamers are socially deficient and have "geek" or "nerd" qualities. Gamers are frequently virgins and rarely have any contact with the opposite sex. In the extremely rare case that a gamer somehow acquires a girlfriend, she usually leaves him within a few weeks after she learns that he is doomed to be a loser for the rest of his life because of his attachment to video games.
If you play video games excessively every day, you're a gamer. If you don't maybe you're not a gamer. If you don't agree with this definition, you can go fuck yourself.
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The only member in Pink Floyd who actually had songwriting talent, besides Syd Barrett, whos career was cut short.
Roger Waters was Pink Floyd. Not David Gilmour.
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I was on a metal forum and made a topic asking people for music recommendations.. I mentioned that I love great bands like new Metallica, new Megadeth, Staind, Linkin Park, Atreyu, etc. Everyone was flaming me! and told me to stop being brainwashed by MTV! I laughed and told them that they were crazy because I have great taste in music.
Some dude called me a "noob" and told me to check out this Exodus band for tr00 metal. I listened to this "Fabulous Disaster" album on YouTube and I was disgusted.. Horrible Disaster is more like it!! it was SO bad!! It's just constant blast beats over crappy vocals, it's nothing special at all. For great metal albums listen to "St Anger", "Risk" or "Break The Cycle". See: poo poo band
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The most shittiest, overrated song of all time. Stop hopping Kurt's dick, you stupid MTV kids. The truth is that Nirvana were an underground pop punk band (not "grunge" - there's no such thing as grunge.) that accidentally made it into the mainstream because MTV overrated Smells Like Teen Spirit, their most poppiest song.
"Smells Like Teen Spirit sucks."
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A fake disorder invented so that angsty antisocial teenagers with no personality or social skills could feel like they belonged to something. Symptoms include mediocre artistic and web-design skills, affection for emo, self-pity.
Bob told me he had asperger's syndrome, but in reality, he was just a social retard that nobody liked.
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