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To be Assanged

1. When you are attacked on charges that you cannot immediately disprove and are forced to hide, in ways that reinforce misguided public perceptions of you, to the advantage of your detractors, you've been Assanged.

2. Broader definition: If you have strong publicly voiced ethics and you fight against the corruption and the questionable ethos that pervades large 21st Century institutions and, as a result of not being able to target you legally, your name and your associations are muddied through impressive - if childish and easily scripted - misinformation campaigns, possibly involving all the four estates, and you are forced to disprove ambiguous charges and rumors that were orchestrated primarily to tarnish your profile and distract the mob from the truth, you've been Assanged.

Named after Julian Assange, one of the founders and most prominent spokesperson of whistle-blower website Wikileaks. Mr. Assange is most famously associated with the release of several large collections of internal US government documents regarding the Afghan and Iraq wars, and also US State Department internal cables. In the free-thinking community, Mr. Assange is more widely known for founding a website that made its claim to fame by releasing documents that embarrassed many non-American governments and corporations.
1. You point at the burning roof; the serial arsonist points at your dirty shoes; the mob attacks you for the shoes instead of putting the fire out, thus forcing you to hide while still pointing at the burning roof. You've been Assanged.
by nostraticispeak December 01, 2010
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Someone who's a perfectly smooth bastard no matter which way you look at him.

Also works with Spherical nutjob, spherical jackass.

Syntax: Spherical cuss-word

History: Often attributed to the eccentric Swiss Astronomer Fritz Zwicky, who used to refer to fellow astronomers at the Mt. Wilson Observatory as Spherical Bastards. "Because", in his words, "they were bastards, when looked at from any side".

Source: dynamical-systems.org/zwicky/Zwicky-e.html
"Hey Eugene McLeroy!"

Eugene McLeroy: Yes?

"You're a spherical bastard."

Eugene McLeroy: Oh My!
by nostraticispeak June 20, 2009
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