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A really fat nasty girl, who will try to dress slutty to go to the bar, but ends up looking like a carnival ride.
Did you see that fat nasty girl Kristin at the Matrix? Yeah she was too fat for her clothes and had enough make up on to to scare away a French Hooker. What a ditch pig!
by nosa74 November 01, 2009

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When a chicks' is so fat, she gets on top of her man to ride him, and due to her weight she leaves bruises. Also a girl who has a lot of fat hanging over her pants and always is angry and your really not sure if she is a guy or a girl.
Holy shit Jason, did you see Tonys' girlfriend? Yeah, he told me when she rides him he gets bruises because she is so fat! Yeah, she's a real Muffin Bruiser!
by nosa74 October 30, 2009

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When a chick is so disgusting, you wouldn't piss on her gums if they were on fire. Also she is the kind of girl whom thinks she is hot and your buddy dating her doesn't really know how nasty she is because he is tagging her sludgepot!
Hey John, did you see Tonys' girlfriend yeah that bitch stole my planner, and she is really nasty what dick whirling thunder cunt!
by nosa74 October 30, 2009

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Is a person who is such a looser, that he does not know that everyone thinks he's a joke! Also a sad little person, who does juvenile things to get back at people but instead just hurts him self. Also a person who can't get laid, leaves a bruise on his penis from too much masturbation.
Do you know that guy Kendal? Yeah, he lies about everything and tries to pretend he knows everything. What a dick schein
by nosa74 October 31, 2009

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