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Slang term used to describe dark or semi-dark complexioned peoples of Italian heritage, who are a direct result of the subsequent moor invasion and occupation of Italy. Usually seen in trashy dance clubs, wearing tacky large gold chains with crosses on them while dancing to terrible house music. One can usally smell this particular specimen wreaking of an Italian shower (also known in Italy as "Un bagno del di gio del aqua"). The euronigger traditionally lives with its parents until it is about 35 or married. Employment habits of the euronigger generally amount to either construction, criminal activities or car mechanic. Euroniggers often combine these occupations. At first glance, the euronigger may appear to be wealthy, but 90% of the time it is probably about 500,000 in debt. Like its american-negro relative,A euronigger will do anything to make itself appear to be wealthy. Euroniggers hang out in gangs and like to fight people when the odds are on their side. When alone, euroniggers are generally docile and non-confrontational.

random guy: "Hey.. did you see that greasy loser driving the rusty honda civic with the 20 inch rims listening to n-sync?"

secondary random guy: "Yeah man.. what a euronigger."
by nischt January 08, 2006

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Amateur content created/posted by obsessive fans that impedes the ability of the average user to access original content on audio/video streaming sites such as Youtube etc. This material usually features unwanted content such as home videos of individuals singing their versions of songs, shitty remixes, or clips of various anime movies with the song playing in the background. When an average user tries to find a song/video they are partial to, they often come across 100+ fanspam videos before they can actually find the real video.
"WTF.. I'm trying to find that song by Depeche Mode. What is the title of the track? Taking a Ride with my Best Friend? I can only find shitty fanspam videos with crap mixes and anime videos. WTF is this shite?"

by nischt April 12, 2009

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an imitation rolex. correctly spelled "faux-lex" (for the people that originally wrote this definition, faux means fake)
I got this sweet silver and black submariner faux-lex from the asian guy at the flea-market.
by nischt April 16, 2005

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to shoot any type of drug intravenously via hypodermic syringe. used mostly for heroin and/or cocaine.
when i pull the trigger, my eyes literally roll into the back of my head.
by nischt September 06, 2005

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