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Slang term used to describe dark or semi-dark complexioned peoples of Italian heritage, who are a direct result of the subsequent moor invasion and occupation of Italy. Usually seen in trashy dance clubs, wearing tacky large gold chains with crosses on them while dancing to terrible house music. One can usally smell this particular specimen wreaking of an Italian shower (also known in Italy as "Un bagno del di gio del aqua"). The euronigger traditionally lives with its parents until it is about 35 or married. Employment habits of the euronigger generally amount to either construction, criminal activities or car mechanic. Euroniggers often combine these occupations. At first glance, the euronigger may appear to be wealthy, but 90% of the time it is probably about 500,000 in debt. Like its american-negro relative,A euronigger will do anything to make itself appear to be wealthy. Euroniggers hang out in gangs and like to fight people when the odds are on their side. When alone, euroniggers are generally docile and non-confrontational.

random guy: "Hey.. did you see that greasy loser driving the rusty honda civic with the 20 inch rims listening to n-sync?"

secondary random guy: "Yeah man.. what a euronigger."
by nischt January 08, 2006
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Euro nigger \'yur-o-'ni-ger\ noun 1: a polack, or somone who is of primarily Polish ancestry; 2: one who exhibits all of the trappings of being Polish, up to and including stupidity, devotion to the Pope, an inability to speak coherently, and a desire to work long work weeks; 3: one who is trapped so far in the past as to be seen wearing tapered-leg jeans, flower-print sweaters, fuschia-colored blazers, or any other article of clothing that was popular among ugly people in the 1980s
Our IT manager, Nick, is a Euro nigger.
by Rasselas Sears February 08, 2006
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Anyone from the East Block of Europe.
1. Dude, those Euro-Niggers are the best, i had this bitch the other night let me fuck her in the ass and let me cum in her eye for only twelve dollars.
2. That dude Grusofski is such a Euro-Nigger, he let this guy Koral fuck him in the ass and cum in his eye for twelve dollars!
by RIP Col Torro May 11, 2012
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