4 definitions by nina69

When you are exited about memorizing the Quran in 2020.
Abdul, I am positive on quranavirus, 'alah 'akbar.
by nina69 December 1, 2020
The excitement you get when you try to memorize the quran in 2020.
Hey Abdul, I memorized first 25 chapters of the quran, I think I have the quranavirus ,allah 'akbar.
Quranavirus is not a disease but a cure for islamophobia.
by nina69 November 29, 2020
A poor librarian who fails to preserve 2 out of 3 books.
We are sorry to inform you but after numerous complaints we have decided to fire you Mr. Allah
by nina69 November 29, 2020
Expressing opinions on matters outside the scope of one's knowledge or expertise and wanting to announce your ignorance to the world.
Mohammad was an ultracrepidarian, just look at what he said about human reproduction.
by nina69 November 29, 2020