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a tan blond female between the ages of 15 and 19 that enjoys farting burping and other activities that are usually associated with having a penis....and yet she still manages to be somewhat attractive.
I was bangin this damn fine kevlyn and she burped on my chest and now my tess is flaring up.
by niko the homie August 31, 2008

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rather big and hairy titties. Comes from the two words titties and filthy.
1)You have tilthy boobs.

2)OHHHH GROSS shes gots some big tilthies.
by niko the homie September 06, 2006

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The meaning is used as anything that is disgusting or anything that is extremely cool, is deriven from the middle eastern origins. Meant as "Holy War." Other def: hoe ass niggaa. jiz/shit.
1: Look at that gihad on your pants Harris! You stupid arab trying to bomb our fucking nation go fuck yourself.
2: Thats a whole lot of gihad.
3: That party was totally gihad.
4: Dude, GIHAD!!
by niko the homie September 08, 2006

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testicals or balls that are as big as titties. (Usually happens when swollen or just when you are hung like a horse.) Came from the word balls and titties.
When my friend hit me in the balls, I grew a pair of bitties.
by niko the homie September 06, 2006

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