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Miami based artist, known in the underground scene. Stage name is Ferngiddit but usually goes by the name “Fern”.
Did you heard bout my dawg Ferngiddit? He got bitches but he's so based.
by nevaswitch March 19, 2019
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Five Finger Posse is a Philedelphia collective started in 2015 consisting of Yung Mojo, Morgue!, Alvin Abyss, Sub9K, and the group’s creator, 5G. Each members individual talents and those of Working On Dying come together on their tapes to create hellish and crushing soundscapes that match the tone of each rappers’ verses and vocal delivery.
Did you heard bout Five Finger Posse? They from Philly rite?
by nevaswitch March 21, 2019
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SWAG VHS was created on July 4th, 2017. Podcast/Radio Show on YouTube. The creator of SWAG VHS is SWAMPMAHN.
Yo did you hear SWAG VHS is coming back.
by nevaswitch May 10, 2019
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The swamp community is a community of based, disgusting, smelly, positive fans of SWAMPMAHN who made the group to protect SWAMPMAHN or anyone who feels like SWAMPMAHN.
bro are you even apart of the Swamp Community? #tybg
by nevaswitch April 04, 2019
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The character is based off of Creature from the Black Lagoon films, a humanoid/reptilian/plant elemental creature. Hip Hop artist, best known for his “horrific disgusting” stage persona. Probably one of the most talented rappers out there right now.
Oh gosh did you see SWAMPMAHN so nasty. But hey he keeps it based!!!

Coming out the swamp
Still hating saying so many things
Oh my gosh
In this doing me
by nevaswitch February 12, 2019
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M.O.B is an acronym which stands for "Money Over Bitches." M.O.B is best thought of as being a philosophy which denotes that a man who wants true power must always put money first and women second. SWAMPMAHN made Swamp Mob for those who live by this.
Are bout that Swamp Mob life? Cuz I am the fuck. Money Over Bitches any day of the week.
by nevaswitch April 16, 2019
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Swamp Mob, or the Feast of Money Over Bitches, is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional date. the foremost patron saint of SWAMPMAHN.
by nevaswitch May 03, 2019
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