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A nearly perfect setting or mood ruined not by a flaw in the decor or lighting but through the presence of someone named Tom.

Me: "This club has such a sweet Tombiance."

Friend: "Yeah, imagine what it would be like sans Tom."
by ndrhodymatt August 06, 2007

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The name given to a stranger or long-term acquintance whose
real name you have no intention of ever learning.

A command given to a good buddy who has really got to calm down or else he will endanger losing the privilege of your friendship.

You: "Would you mind telling me how to get to the subway?"
Stranger: "No problem. Three blocks to the north and one to the east."
You: "Thanks Jackson."

Buddy: "Timmy's mother's funeral is at 4:00."
You: "You've told me that four times."
Buddy: "And now I'm telling you again."
You: "At ease, Jackson."
by ndrhodymatt July 26, 2007

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