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home of the trap, a place where guys are victim to sexual phenomena.
"im going to came to trap island" -says one visitor.
by naynay8 April 29, 2010
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snorlax looking creature who enjoys playing video games, listening to never shout never, drinking alcohol, and eating blue waffles. kelby's dialogue consists of the phrases "nope, you would, ohhhmyyygoddd, and of course...0k' "
(how a convo would go if a girl was asking out the kelby creature):

girl: "hey kelby, i need to talk to u about something"
kelby: "ohhhhmyyyygodddd"
girl: "so...i was wondering if u wanted to go out with me?"
kelby: -shakes head repeatedly- and says "nope nope nope"
girl: cries
kelby: "you wouuld"
by naynay8 April 29, 2010
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