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the mysterious energy that makes your hands really attracted to your crotch area
Turn off that porn so i can get back to work!
by natataeako March 23, 2009
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1.) adj. describes the attitude of scene kids complaining outside of a gig, accosting people, getting drunk and rowdy, in their scene wear, disturbing the peace of the people around.

2.) a bunch of scene kids outside a gig claiming they don't have money to watch the show all the while sporting their hundred dollar sneakers, gay iphones, gay ipods, and even gayer hairstyles.
1. Dont come with me do the show. Youre so hasslecore.
by natataeako March 23, 2009
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1.A man with a small dick. something like 3 inches or less, fully erect.

2. a penis which cannot fit in any condom
man to prostitute-: "how was it?"

prostitute to man: "is your name by any chance, Cocoy?"
by natataeako March 23, 2009
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the act of masturbating upon a reflection on a glass surface such as a mirror or tv screen. derived from the Filipino word "palo" which in English means whip/spank.

History: First used in Obrero suburb of Davao City, Philippines where masturbation as a direct result of a reflection of panties on a blank tv screen occurred.
Dude's upstairs paoloing.
by natataeako March 19, 2009
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