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a legendary MC from the tritown area. his lyrical fury was fueled by the 1999 incarceration of his uncle on 50 counts of rape at a local YMCA. he began writing rhymes at age 10 after the drug-related death of his mentor Jimmy Guzmini. he produced a demo tape with Dj CJ Kiley but it would be years until it was discovered by the Gza in a Staten Island crack den.

as his status grew he decided to take on some of the biggest names in the rap industry, including d swizz, d wig, and salvizzle. he put out 5 albums in his 10 year career. 2 of them were recorded under the alias 'DMC Makaveli'. his music had a major impact on the rap world. It included a successful collaboration with R&B singer R. Cindy, and an entire album produced by legendary hitmaker Mario Rosario. some said he was responsible for the deaths of Tupac Shakur and Scott la Rock, but the rumors were never proven.

Career-dr knowledge entered the rap scene as a hungry MC who amazed listeners with his punch lines like "i'll piss in your food like a perverted waiter". throughout his life he was involved in a struggle for control of the meetinghouse/Andrews projects with a rival gang leader. however, the battle ended when the gang leader made fun of his hair.in 2005 a legendary beef was born when dr knowledge collided with a relatively unknown MC in a south Topsfield project. (see "Beef II" for further coverage). some of the greatest diss tracks in rap's short history were recorded during this period. They included "Takeover", "Ether", "Hit Em Up", and "Fuck Compton". his career never fully recovered from the war. during this time a new knowledge was born, and his lyrics focused on his hardships and the problems created by inner city life. he also experimented with a brief singing career.

after his retirement, he encountered problems with heroin and crack cocaine. he was also involved in a drug related shootout that left 5 people dead. he attempted to revive his career on a track recorded from Rikers Island, but it created little interest.
u hear that new dr knowledge track on that Whoo Kid mixtape

yea hes changin the mothafuckin rap game rite now

by my brother mike July 20, 2006
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