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any advanced technological device, usually pointless and/or confusing. similaly: gadget, widget, whatchumacallit, etc.
palm pilots, global positioning systems, radar detectors, digital camera widgets, generally anything small and electronic.
-let me see that new gizmo you've got!
-yeah look it can tell you where the nearest cheese sandwich is down to 32.487m from anywhere in the world.
by mwahahahaha October 06, 2003

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Something on which one can click using a mouse, on the internet or an interactive cd, online ads, etc. in order to promote a response from the computer
A-is that icon clickable?
B-no, it doesn't do anything.
by mwahahahaha October 06, 2003

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twats who hang around outside McDonalds wearing burberry caps/gold chains/big puffy white jackets, smoking/swearing continuously. ALso listen to rap, hiphop etc.
argh, save me from the chavs!
by mwahahahaha August 04, 2005

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