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When somebody tries to control every aspect of your life and watches everything you do, basically takes over your life like Hitler tried to do to the world.
Your girlfriend tells you what to eat for breakfast? Bro, she's got Hitler syndrome, I'd be careful
by mvsfinest March 11, 2014
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Having a situation where someone or something didn't perform up to standards.

When you expect to round the bases with someone, but you twist your ankle on first.
Dude did you end up railing that chick?

Nah brah, i only went to first with her, it was quite subpar.
by mvsfinest June 8, 2014
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Every Sunday, you take all your collected roaches from the week prior and make a generation joint out of them. This generation joint is "older" than the other joints, hence the name.
Dude I'm so pumped for this week's senior Sunday, I have 30 roaches and some foot long papers
by mvsfinest July 16, 2014
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