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Combination of pomo and mofo meaning bad ass individual with a différance habit.
Slavoj Žižek is one pomomofo.
by multi-wall February 25, 2007
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Screw things up for yourself. Let yourself down. Betray yourself by acting in a way that's opposite to your own interests or (conscious) intentions.
The Amy Winehouse song "Tears dry on their owm":

"Yeah, I played myself again, should just be my own best friend, not fuck myself in the head with stupid men"
by multi-wall June 30, 2008
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Said when someone remembers the game, loses, and wants to take down any nearby players with them.
Linda: Can you actively try not to think about polar bears?
Rupert: What?
Linda: Like, actively try not to think of them?
Rupert: Oh damn, I just lost
Linda: Wha? Oh, arse, now I have too!
by multi-wall February 22, 2007
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Tends to emphasize the impressiveness of such a concatenation.
He ate four hamburgers on the trot.

by multi-wall March 08, 2007
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- I can't read it, I haven't got my eyes in

- Come to bed
- Ok, just let me take my eyes out
by multi-wall July 10, 2008
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