3 definitions by msdestiny

best tv show of the 1990s, combining science fiction and witty sarcasm
I love quoting Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

fire bad. tree pretty.

love makes you do the whacky!
by msdestiny May 04, 2008
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the best white wine ever! the wine of choice for the classy wino!
he: would you like some cabernet?
she: no thanks, i prefer riesling!
by msdestiny May 04, 2008
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a place where the white trash "shop" while their brats run around screaming, knocking over displays and other customers. a store where no one understands what "good customer service" is because none of the employees speak english! the merchandise is only cheap because it's either expired, or will break in a week! selling expired baby medicine here is an acceptable practice. wal*mart doesn't care about their customers, just the money.

i boycott wal mart!

he tried to shop at wal*mart, but couldn't understand why none of the employees could answer his questions, so he went to target instead.

boy: "where'd you get that piece of crap you call a tv?"
girl: "wal-mart! that's why it was so cheap!"
boy: "i didn't know they still made black and white tv's!"

paris hilton: what's wal mart? is that where you buy walls?
by msdestiny May 04, 2008
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