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Used by certain forums, means old news.

Background: Long after Bob Hope passed away, people were still posting lines similar to "Bob Hope died!"

Reply: Bob Hope'd
by monkey king March 4, 2004
cute a bute the one that you compare to fruit a sweet and neet a girl that you would kiss her feet
i see that she may love somebody but we but if thats "me" / "who" / "whom"/ "him/her"
you will see that she is cute and weet to wavery body very uneek
whom is made for or she is made for a song written in seconds
wu ni yao
by monkey king September 10, 2013
Poot-i-fydAlso see Puto; something in the state of being Puto or Puto-ish, dirives from the original word Puto or Plural Puti. You are Putified If and Only If you are a Puto or Puta. also See; Putification.
1. Who keyed your car?...that's Putofied.
2.You're so Putofied if shit on Soach Cotos car!
3.MAN that weed IS PUTOFIED!!!!
USAGE IN SPANISH 4. Ese Puto esta bien Putoficado(putified) desde que lo conosco!
by monkey king April 16, 2004
Puto, a word that originated in the spanish language more so in the castellano side. Definition: A man-whore, a male homosexual. Slang, term can describe cowardice, a name u call your best friend like "dawg", or just a word to insult a gringo cuz he doesn't know what the fuck you're talking about. Female form; see Puta
1. Hey sup Puto?
2. Dude quit being a Puto and hook up with that dame!
3. Mira ese Puto, parece que le gusta los hombres, pinche Puto...
4. WHOA, that guy is a Puto!
by monkey king April 15, 2004
Racial Slur for a certain female named Futant.
Damn Futies!
by monkey king June 2, 2004
The act of releasing gas while in a running motion.
I beans the night before and won my race by a buck fart.
by monkey king January 12, 2004