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someone who loves drinking, esspecially in milwaukee.
that's secily, oh, so you mean blacked out to the point of absentrocity?
by mke May 13, 2006
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When You are winning at Mario Kart and everything goes to shit. It's as if Lemony Snicket wrote a new series of unfortunate events, except this time they were about you playing mario kart and going from 1st to 8th thanks to fucking Donkey Kong throwing a blue shell, then Toad shoves a green shell up your bum to spin you into a banana peel in which you slip off the edge and as soon as lakitu drops you back onto the course your asshole friend in 8th hits you with a lightning bolt and ends up winning. The frustration and despair caused by the Mario Kart Effect are unmatched, and the probability of the Mario Kart Effect benefiting you are slim to none.
1. It's not my fault that I lost! Its that god damn Mario Kart Effect. (n)

2. Thanks to the Mario Kart Effect, Nick and Zack are quite peeved. (n)
by MKE September 27, 2013
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