3 definitions by mistydaysmud

one of my fav tiktok mutuals, i love her and her content sm! 💖 she makes the best vids <333
have you seen montanadukeswifeys new post? im obsessed with everything she posts, plus she’s so pretty omg.
by mistydaysmud June 19, 2021
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i love her Sm! one of the best mutuals, always interactive and makes the best content! ily! 💖
have you seen thorsrealgf’s new post? she replied to my comment so fast :)
by mistydaysmud June 18, 2021
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one of my fav mutuals on tiktok! very creative, funny and makes the best content ily! 💖
omg have you seen kitwalkerismydad’s new tiktok? im literally obsessed with her content.
by mistydaysmud June 18, 2021
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