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A place, supposedly for students to learn, that might be fun if the teachers used more creative methods, introduced a better atmosphere into the classroom and had respect for students and their ideas. Many teachers do this but many others, unfortunately, do not, making school merely a social forum/ social hellhole. Oddly enough, gifted education teachers seem to have classes that are easier to pass because it's more enjoyable and creative.
Teacher One: You get to choose which way to do this project.

Teacher Two: You're doing this project THIS way with THIS information because I said so!
by Misha February 25, 2005

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A solo pop artist who manages to be both a wigger and a wapanese at the same time and still be loved for it.
Gwen Stefani is a platinum blonde who made a "rap" video, which she tried really hard to be ghetto in. She likes screaming "So kawaii!!!!!!" (pronouncing kawaii wrong) and getting four Japanese female lapdogs to follow her around. Why do people like this woman?
by Misha July 05, 2005

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A virtual pets site where you get to own four pets, feed them, play games, and chat with your friends.

Neopets used to be a great site. I played since I was nine years old, and it was my favorite site to be on. I always felt comfortable there and all the different aspects of the site were so much fun for me.

Now, as so many people will tell you, Neopets is the absolute shittiest site on the internet. (ZOMG reported!!!1!!) They have advertisments on every page. The site is run by totalitarian bastards who don't care about anything but money. The site is too censored for anyone over the age of seven. The mods forbid mentioning other sites and try to brainwash children into thinking that Neopets is the best the Internet has to offer. And most of all, the boards are filled with "dun h8 me b/cuz im gawf!!!1!!!!!" and "hi im 11/f/us do ne hawt boiz wnt 2 chat??!!?!?!1!" The majority of people on there are JUST FUCKING STUPID.

Ever since I found Gaia, the only reason I ever go on Neopets anymore is to see how much worse the site is now than before.
Person: ZOMG i lurv3 neopetz!!!!!!!!

*person is given links to several other, better sites*

Person: I can't believe I used to like that crap!
by Misha July 05, 2005

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A stupid spyware program that comes with the new version of AIM. It gives you the weather on your computer screen and makes an annoying chirping sound, while secretly installing files into your computer that can and will destroy your system.
Weather bug killed my mom's computer. The bastards at AOL just had to install more spyware into their program, as if their AIM thing wasn't fucked up enough!
by Misha July 05, 2005

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A dimunative version of gawth, used to poke fun at especially young or immature poseur goths.
Marylin Manson makes gawthlings think they're so hardcore.
by Misha June 28, 2005

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Someone not quite a normal anime fan but not a wapanese. A normal anime fan is an american that likes anime. A wapanese is an american that thinks they're japenese and behaves exactly like a real japanese person. A hyperanimefan is someone that is slightly crazy and thinks they live in an anime. They speak a lot of japanese, make little chibi faces, and frequently glomp people. Are more unusually hyper than the average homosapien. They are quite aware of their americanness and listen to american music, eat american food, don't go to cosplays, etc., however they are a little 'different'.
Konichiwaa! *glomp* *jumps around hyperly* Let's go fight some dragons!!
by Misha February 21, 2005

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A block of shows on cartoon network that are on after 11. Supposedly for adults, basically appropriate for all graduates of elementary school. Contains american cartoons, anime, and wierd shows that really creep you out (super milk-chan, robot chicken, etc.) Cartoon Network should put it on in the morning and get rid of the other BS they show.
Rurouni Kenshin should be on adult swim, it really isn't a kiddie anime.
by Misha February 21, 2005

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