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3 definitions by mightymac

an alternative to the hand explosion after knuckle bumping. immediately touching the ground with fingers and verbally declaring "love mine" in which an imaginary mine of love and good will has now be activated for an unsuspecting traveler.
I've placed down several love mines at this party, the collateral affect will swoon be felt.
by mightymac February 9, 2012
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BPT is based off of CPT which is short for Compton. Bloods don't pronounce the C's or K's at the start of words. Instead they use a B. So BPT is Blood's Compton
1) BPT sprayed on a wall in compton means Bloods own that part

2) "Nigga I'm from BPT" - YG ( Popular LA based rapper who claims bloods)
by mightymac January 9, 2015
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feeling a slight forward propulsion from farting on the go
I was in a uncomfortable walk lock with this stranger until I invoked a powerful toot boost propelling me ahead leaving him in my wind.
by mightymac February 9, 2012
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