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A 30 pack of beers. Usually the best buy. Don't confuse it with the bitch cube.
"John bought a cube last night and wouldn't let anyone have a beer, but after his 15th he was so fucked that I just stole a bunch."
by mifter July 28, 2005
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A totally badass Quebecois terrorist group who shoved a huge stick up the Federal Government's ass in the 1970's. They kidnapped trade minister Pierre LaPorte and some British diplomat nobody cared about.

Their Manifesto of '79 rivals only that of Karl Marx.

The FLQ are generally known to have become active after the famous words, "Vive le Quebec libre" were spoken by De Gaulle on a Montreal balcony.
"I was taught pure conservative bullshit about the FLQ in high school. They made them sound like a bunch of crazy fucks, when they really just wanted basic civil rights for Quebec."
by mifter July 29, 2005
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From,"You gotta slay a few dragons to get to the princess" a dragon slayer is someone who is out doing dirties with the hopes of finding a nice girl to really date. Or he's just using it as an excuse for never settling down.
"Gillies has been slaying dragons longer than Jesus!"
"He'll never get to a princess"
"No way does he even want to!"
by mifter July 28, 2005
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A 24 pack of beers. Not to be confused with the cube. The 24 pack is the bitch cube because only a true bitch chooses it over the 30.
"What a bitch, only hauling around 24 beers to the party last night!"
by mifter July 28, 2005
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