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A slurred together version of the words yeah and man, based off of the country bearing the same name.
-Do you want to go out to eat tonight?
by michifus December 07, 2004
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1. A term used to describe the female genitalia.

2. The act of having sex.

3. A degrading term to call someone.
1. Man, I bet she has a nice tang tang.

2. Think you two will tang tang tonight?

3. Shut up, you tang tang.
by michifus December 22, 2004
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The opposite of the word yemen.

*Best when used in public or amongst educated friends when in an argument with a buddy.
Friend1: Let's go to the mall.
Friend2: Yeah.
Friend3: I don't want to.
Friend2: Yemen, let's go!
Friend3: Nomenclature... I'm tired.
by michifus December 07, 2004
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