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d00b is slang for a joint or a spliff. Tramps and strange fucked up children smoke this.
Im off to smoke this d00b....
by Mez October 29, 2004
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Gorgeous guy who makes everyone SMILE!!
'Bij you ROCK'
'Bij you make me HAPPY'
by Mez April 26, 2005
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Something very BIG, massive or gigantic.
'Woahhhh that ass is chunka munka man'
by Mez April 26, 2005
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aka: Curtin Posse Reprezent! 2605

A group of individuals residing in the suburb of Curtin, Canberra Australia. Commonly banding together as a posse. 2605 being the post code.
'Curtin Posse represent 2605!!!'
by Mez July 12, 2003
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sound people make when they wee.
listen to that guy weeeeeeeee while weeing.
by mez January 20, 2005
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What's up?
What are you doing?
How's it going?
Mez: "Doin' brah?"
Bog: "Not much, just chillin'"
by Mez July 09, 2003
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nizzle = nigga
bizzle = brother OR bitch (in a good way)

Useful for wiggas who don't want to get beaten down for calling each other niggas.
Honky stoner 1: "This weed is the shiznit."
Honky stoner 2: "Fo shizzle my bizzle."
by mez January 11, 2005
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