3 definitions by mentallyEru

its a picture of a monkey and u can design it and sell it its literally a fucking pfp and shitheads buy it for like 1000 dollars instead of just saving the image heres what to do right click the picture save image or if u dont wanna be cald copy cat copy the image change one pixel and now its yours.
heres an example bitches. random shithead: *sells golen monkey nft a.k.a pfp* random fucker: OMG A GOLEN MONKEY NFT IAM A SHITHEAD SO ILL BUY IT EVEN IF ITS 1000 DOLLARS INSTEAD OF SAVING THE IMAGE OR RIGHT CLICKING THE IMAGE AND COPY IT. if you dont understand or hate me for this i dont care so fuck you.
by mentallyEru December 11, 2021
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yo i buyed a monkey nft since iam a dumbass and didnt just copy the image or save image by right clicking it.
by mentallyEru December 11, 2021
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it means you're sus and iam fucking tired of among us jokes YES WE KNOW YOU SAID SUSSY CUZ I WAS FUCKING YOUR MOM WE GET IT.
heres an example bitches. "damn iam rock hard rn" random shitass: SUSSY. there you go if you use among us jokes still you are a shitass
by mentallyEru December 11, 2021
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