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used in a threatening context, to warn a person who is being increasingly annoying that they are about to get smacked/punched/kicked in the face/stomach/groin unless they refrain from annoying you further
if you do not stop pissing me off i am going to karp you with a rusty spatula.
by meeza99 July 12, 2006

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when something is done or said that would result in the person on the recieving end of said action or statement to be 1 or more of the folowing:
embarrased, insulted, doubting their manhood or just feeling like a complete twat. this term would usually be shouted by a third party upon hearing the original statement that was made and deciding whether it was worthy of such an accolade.
this term is a shortened version of the phrase "drop it like it is hot" made poipular by the snoop dogg song.
kiz: u look like a bulldog shitting out a thistle, gaz.
gaz: so does your mum.
meez & brez:(thinking) whoa, gaz just dropped it.
brez: DROPPED IT!!
meez: DROPPED IT!!
by meeza99 July 12, 2006

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