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The generic name for Xanax. When purchased on the street, this is the form one is most likely to find rather than the actual Xanax brand. Alprazolam is prescribed for anxiety relief. It is often used recreationally, at high dosage, for its calming effects which create a mild euphoria. It is addictive and withdrawal symptoms may occur.
I bought some alprazolam bars today!
by mbenzdabest June 09, 2006

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Dronabinol is synthetic tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which is the active ingredient of marijuana. It is an FDA-approved cannabinoid and is prescribed as an appetite stimulant, primarily for AIDS, chemotherapy and gastric bypass patients. It was also FDA approved as an anti-nauseant, in order to better address the nausea experienced after chemotherapy treatments. The brand name is Marinol. Users seeking to use the drug recreationally will find the effects to be very different and much less potent than actually using the marijuana plant. This is because only THC is present in dronabinol, while the marijuana plant has many more cannabinoids and ingredients that will get the user high.
I took some dronabinol pills today that I stole from my grandma.
by mbenzdabest March 05, 2008

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(pronounced pee-fat) Peace For All Time. The name of a treaty among the world's leaders in the comedy film Mafia that was initiated by President Diane to bring world peace. In the film several known dictators are shown celebrating the treaty such as Saddam Hussein and Fidel Castro as well as Pope John Paul II.
After PFAT was passed there was finally world peace.
by mbenzdabest August 31, 2010

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