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If China is a well paid bimbo, then hot money is her claim to fuckin’ fame. Hot money from short-term, high-interest seeking stags have made her communism's most visited piece of ass.
It’s amazing how quickly hot money quadrupled his capital investment and America’s financial STDs.
by marshamartian May 10, 2011
A spoiled rotten child, or ankle biting animal, that is loved beyond sane measures by a Caribbean woman.
Stitchy be a good boy. Stop bitin'. Don't worry, he's just a babyesh.
by marshamartian April 7, 2011
When 10 Gitmo prisoners are chosen for good behavior or CIA/NSA purpose (i.e. for practicing yoga) are traded for 1 French Legionnaire reject and P.O.W. Sgt. Bergdahl. These 10 prisoners are in crony-capitalist Qatar most likely partying far away from the Arab Spring that has devastated Syria.
If you stand with Bowe, then you stand by swapgate.
by marshamartian June 8, 2014