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Verb used across English speaking Canada since the early 1970's with roots in the Western Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta meaning 1) to work very hard. 2) to get wasted and rock as hard as possible. 3) To finish a job or task in an efficient and quick manner.
The word is currently enjoying a surge in popularity since the release of the movie FUBAR and is now used frequently in an ironic or lowbrow way.
Past tense usage combines the present participle and the past tense of "to be".
"As soon as Odjick gets out of the penalty box, you know he's just gonna drop the gloves on Domi and just give'r again"

"Dave and I were given'er last night right up to the time of the puck drop before we realized the game was on pay per view. "
by marko1982 October 16, 2005

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Quick form of "The United States of America".
In the states you can get beer at a 7-11 but you have to be something like 24.

Why's that guy talking so slow? Oh, he's from the states.
by marko1982 October 16, 2005

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An American. Period. Anyone living in the United States or claiming to be a citizen on the U.S.A.
Check out those yankees ordering light beer. Don't they know this is a brew pub?
by marko1982 October 16, 2005

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