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Promethazine Hydrochloride and codeine phosphate syrup specifically made by Hi-Tech company. The purple, yes purple, flavor specifically requested brand in the Detroit Area. Used as a cough syrup, but also mixed with Sprite to make a relaxing, but illegal drink.
Let me get that purple, yeah purple, Hitech, don't give me the green flavored....
by malachi280 January 3, 2010
Yorba- to be down on your luck and nearly homeless

Word that originated from a local hotel in Detroit Michigan, "Hotel Yorba".. Where many drug addicted and lower class people of society stay right before hitting the streets.
Dude you used to live in Grosse Point, now you live in Southwest Detroit... You got yorba'd
by malachi280 December 26, 2009
The street name specifically for the 2mg dose of Xanax. All other doses of Xanax are blue oval pills but the 2mg are white and bar shaped.
Hand over one of those "Xanny Bars," I need to relax
by malachi280 December 27, 2010
Having attributes of a hood rat. A slang term that slurs the word "hood rat." or acting hood ratish. Relative to the Detroit area and its surrounding hood.
Man your boy needs to start taking care of his baby's momma instead of acting radish.

Man just because you're radish doesn't mean you can't get an education.
by malachi280 November 13, 2011