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g0th1ck is an unproblematic and beautiful person who has inspired me to stand up for myself. the incels don’t like her, but who likes the incels? nobody.

love u g0th1ck <333
person 1: hey did you see g0th1ck’s new video?
person 2: yeah! she’s so educated
person 1: i know right, and she’s nice!
person 2: yeah!
by make marijuana legal June 07, 2020

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a girl with a fake tan, a primark handbag, and listens to aitch. or a boy who smokes, makes ‘music’ on soundcloud, and has a coat on no matter how hot it is outside.
“look at that girl!”
“wow! she’s obviously a year 8!”
by make marijuana legal May 24, 2020

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