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Another way of saying a bad word:
1. When things aren't going your way.
2. When something bad happens
3. When you hurt yourself
Jane "Man I totally hit your car really bad"

Guy "So do you think you might want to stay at my house tonight?"
Girl "I don't think so"
Guy "Gosh sarnet"

Stubs toe on bed leg, "GOSH SARNET!!!!!"
by maisypie December 05, 2005

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a pop up advertisement for online dating, usually comes in the form of a hot chick posing seductively. Very similar to regular pop ups but tends to be the same two girls over and over.
Guy 1"Dude I have such a freaking problem with sally pop up"
Guy 2"Yeah but man she ain't hard to look at"
by maisypie December 05, 2005

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When you have done something but do not want to admit to it.
I can't believe you stole those candies....I not not stole the candies.
I saw you pick your nose....I not not picked my nose.
by maisypie January 07, 2006

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