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A romantic interest that one has while one is involved in another relationship. A new relationship to jump into at the end of the previous one, and possibly even the reason to break up with an old partner. Can also be used as a verb.
My God, Tess has the hots for Dennis and she's already going out with Marly. Looks like he's her prebound.

Tess just broke up with Marly, and she's going out with Dennis. Looks like she prebounded.
by maianess January 15, 2007
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Thoin, n.: that really awkward area where the thigh ends and the groin begins. Often used as a meter of the appropriateness of clothing, i.e., shorts/skirts that show thigh are considered "appropriate"; shorts/skirts that show thoin are not.
Dude, those are really awkward holes in your jeans; I can see WAY too much thoin.
by maianess May 14, 2009
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"Damn gay" means the exact same thing as "damn straight" (i.e., word up, that's right, etc.), except that the term "damn gay" can be easily used by homosexuals or referring to homosexual actions, etc.
Situation A)
Lesbian I: Holy crap, she is so hot!
Lesbian II: Damn straight! Only... not... *awkwardness*


Situation B)
Lesbian I: Holy crap, she is so hot!
Lesbian II: Damn gay! *note lack of awkwardness*
by Maianess August 27, 2007
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Huggle, n.: a smaller and cuter hug.

Huggle, v.: to give a huggle; to huggle someone

Often used in netspeak/IMing, enclosed in *'s. Often associated with hyperness, and occasionally the latching-onto-of-body parts/squeeing
thisismyscreenname11832: zomfg thank you for giving me the hw! you saved my lifeeeee!!! *huggle*

He made a totally awesome anti-Bush comment, so I huggled him. Then... he gave me a strange look and edged away.
by maianess December 20, 2006
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Huggle n.: a smaller and cuter hug
Aw, your new haircut is so fuzzy! I need to give you a huggle.

1: I want oreos now. Grr. I hate you.
2: *huggle*
by Maianess April 03, 2007
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