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Unreliable Source is a common tag used by Wikipedia. Wikipedia is (or intended to be) a open source encyclopedia.

In theory, the tag "Unreliable source" is used when an article or part of a article cite or talk about some questionable content.

But, in a real world scenario, "Unreliable source" is used as a form to piss off contributors. Even by using logic, if a statement is correct but some editor consider to screw it, then it can claim that the statement is incorrect.
Writer-"The roses are red"
Editor -I put a unreliable source tag because the statement does not cite any source claiming it.
Writer-But i put not only a source but 3 sources.
Editor -Sorry about that but *im* still consider unreliable.
by magallanes June 23, 2010
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A Bar Joke is a very generic joke (if not the most generic joke ever), sometimes it is a real joke but other times is used as a way to exemplify a joke "do you know the joke of a man that walked into a bar?"

Most of the time, this kind of joke start with a "X walks into a bar...", where X can be a a single person,a animal,or a group of persons.

X can also be classified in different kind :
religious : a Muslim, a Rabin and a catholic
racist :a Indian, a black man, a Asian.
xenophobe :a german, british, american, irish, italian.
dirt joke (not for kids) :a gay, a parrot(*).
zoo :a kangaroo, a penguin, a bear, a elephant (see joke 1)

(*) there is a 99% chance that a joke that involve a parrot in a bar is a for-adults-only joke.
1) Bar Joke 1:
A kangaroo walks into a bar and orders a martini, drinks it and pulls out a five dollar bill to pay for it. The bartender picks up the dough, gives him his change...and charges the kangaroo $1.50 for the martini.

“Then as the kangaroo’s leaving, the bartender tells me he’s never seen a kangaroo in his bar before.

“No,” says the kangaroo, “and at these prices you never will again!”

2)Bar Joke 2:
Ham sandwich walks into a bar and orders a drink. Bartender refuses: “Sorry, we don’t serve food here.”

3)Bar Joke 3:
A neutron walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender sets the beer down and says, "For you, no charge!"
by magallanes September 3, 2010
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A cookie-cutter speech, is a generic speech that is not original, is generic, boring, lack of content (and sometimes of meaning) and the worst part it is not so convincing and motivational.
This generic speech usually does not cite any source but everyone known that this speech is not original.

Sometimes, a cookie-cutter speech is able to "freeze the time", converting a simple 5 minutes speech in a tedious whole hours speech.

A cookie-cutter speech is used when :
-A speaker need a rushed speech.
-The speaker does not care about the speech and just want the work done.
-The speaker does not have imagination and he want to try a "proved formula", usually copied from a Human Resource book.
-Is repetitive and tedious, most of the times used by the Head of a University speaking to the new students.
-Over abusing of a renowned speech.
Politician style:
-Vote for me and ____ (insert promise that everyone know that will be unfulfilled) is a cookie-cutter speech.
-I have a dream _____ (imitating Martin Luther King) is another is a cookie-cutter speech.

A beauty contest:
-What do you want for the future.
-I want world peace and feeding the starving African children is a clichéd is a cookie-cutter speech.
by magallanes July 11, 2010
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