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The myth that all the 20 somethings living in Bushwick, Greenpoint or Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY are in fact "rich" or recipients of trust funds. As well as the conceived notion that their encroachment into said "impoverished Brooklyn community" is a bad thing. A concept often shared by people who claim to "miss the old New York" (who were in fact not from NYC or BK themselves back in the late 70's/ 80's/early nineties) and claim they would rather trade the PBR, track bikes, and tight clothing for the "good old days" of crime, urine marinated subway platforms, graffiti, poverty and general unsafe living conditions most similar to a 3rd world country.
BK resident:Look at those rich kid hipsters drinking PBR, they're destoying Brooklyn.

Person with 8th grade reading level: Actually thats a hipster myth you dumbass. They're actually reviving the neighborhood. None of them have any kids either.

BK resident: Huh what!??

8th grade reading level: Yeah people like you are dependant on the hipsters you claim to hate. How old are you now and you're still on that sh*t?

BK: You're right, I am a dumbass. I am going to move to Poughkeepsie.
by mad smart July 2, 2012
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The women at the front desk in charge of filing charts/scheduling patients at any Dr's office you've ever been too. Far far less responsibilities and educational requirements than a nurse. Often reprimanded by Dr.'s and supervisor's due to their aloof bird like work habits most often due to their foremost concerns of: hair, chewing gum, eating, free Lunch's/Dunkin Donuts from drug reps, eating, reality tv, gawdy clothing, makeup, tabloids, tattoos and eating. Large percentage have train wrecks of personal lives as well, ie out of wedlock children.
Dr: I'm missing Mrs. Smiths' chart again!

Medical Assistant: We by accidentally sent that to another office. We mixed up the charts. I'm on lunch.

Dr: You have to pay more attention this is just as unacceptable as the last 5 times you did this.

Medical Assistant: Why you getting an attitude with me?


Patient: What do you mean you can't find my chart? Aren't these things just filed alphabetically?!!

Medical Assistant: I don't like you tone with me, and besides we are very busy here right now please hold. To other MA's: Did anyone see Dancing with the Stars last night?
by mad smart June 28, 2012
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