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A rapper signed with Bad Boy Records. In 99'/2000 he had a number 1 single called "Whoa". In 2005 his second album dropped called "The Black Rob Report". The album was basically about his prison sentence/court room experience. The album was very underrated.
"They call me black knight shyamalan,
come to my village and ima scare niggas"

"The 9 mil. scope
I walk up on a nigga
put the 9 to his throat
watch him shake like the pope"

Black Rob, The Black Rob Report.
by mackrock17 January 31, 2007
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Krispy means fresh, super exclusive, raw, dope.. and so on. The phrase was coined by Kinfolk KiaShine and Hi-Powered.
I'm so krispy,
I'm so kripsy,
my jeans 900,
shoes 850,
by mackrock17 April 24, 2007
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Edreys is a lyricist from Buffalo, New York. His songs actually tell stories and his production isn't the average, "Boom, Boom, CLAP," like many songs today. His production is musically based and all types of people can appreciate his tunes.

Edreys (pronounced E-DREASE) translates into the “one who masters the pen”.
Edreys is The Sidewalk Scholar.

"Edreys doesn't have to rap about his chains and cars, he has 'superman swag.'"
by mackrock17 April 3, 2008
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Way to say you hustle. Most people work 9 to 5, but you put in more. You have the 9 to 9 hustle.
I hustle. Big work posted everywhere with the 9 to 9.
by mackrock17 April 19, 2007
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Andre 3000's (OutKast) nickname(1 stack meaning 1000).
Keep yo heart 3 stacks, Keep yo heart.
by mackrock17 August 9, 2007
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