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Dropping the R Bomb (Racist-Racism).

The denunciation of opponents as "Racists" for the purpose of silencing dissent, winning an election or discussion.

Part of a combined arms offensive which includes the use of "Guilt Strafing" (concocting elaborate tautologies the purpose of which is to remind white people of slavery, taking land from the Native Americans, and being, for the most part, descendants of legal immigrants.).

Used separately, R Bombing is frequently deployed by "community activists" in order to intimidate and de-legitimize opponents. Often used to de-rail discussions in which factual material is trumping emotional appear.
Sharpton and Jackson and the acknowledged "Curtis LeMays" of R Bombing, but groups such as La Raza, Southern Poverty Law Center and NAACP have dedicated "Wings" of R Bombers who are deployed throughout the media during campaign season and for high profile crimes.
Example 1:
Protester: Do not reward criminal behavior! No Amnesty for illegal immigrants!

Counter-protestor: You are Racist! (R bombing) White people stole this land! (Guilt Strafing) You are against latinos coming here for a better life! (R Bombing) This country was build on the backs of immigrants. (Guilt Strafing)

Example 2:

Press spokesman: The two suspects were black males in their early 20's and round 6 feet tall and were last seen...

Community activist: Dat's Racist! Why you got be sayin' they was black? You a Racist!

Example #3:
Protestor: Illegally entering the country and taking advantage of the benefits which apply to citizens is just like breaking into someone house and stealing from them.

Counter protestor: That is Racism! (R bombing)

Protestor: Statistically, Mexicans are over 70% of illegal immigrants.

Counter-protestor: Those numbers are Racist and you are promoting Racism by bringing them up, therefore YOU are a Racist. (an R Bomb Clusterfuck)

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by mabuse August 23, 2012
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The unique ability to simultaneously generate and harvest "Liberal Guilt" on an industrial scale and transubstantiate it into political capital,
not unlike using Jenkem as an alternative fuel source.

Most commonly seen in the self-loathing, pseudo-intellectuals of the political left who can only imagine expiation of some self-generated guilt complex by the
totally debasement and subservience of themselves, their government and culture to a melanin masterhood.

Also seen in the under 30's crowd as the final installment of the systemic breakdown of critical thinking in the education system wherein the sole reason for supporting Obama is simply the fact that he is black, no other criteria are needed. When questioned about any important campaign issues or their understanding of the "Obama Policy" on any issue, they respond by screaming that the interlocutor is a racist.

This demographic are the pawns and spawns of the foregoing who are, in turn, at best, the willing bitches of a cynical half-caste who is misanthropic enough to use them hard to further his Commie-Farrakhanista agenda.
The Obama effect can be seen at every Starbucks after school
where one will continually hear the refrain: "America needs a black president!"
by mabuse February 29, 2008
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The addition of superfluous material (SLAG) to a “news story”, the addition of which is designed to prejudice the recipient’s response to “news”, thus guaranteeing that the recipient will “comprehend” and “understand” the story correctly—in the manipulative lights of those responsible for said slagging. NPR and Clearchannel are equally guilty but from opposite ends of the political spectrum since both “clue” the listener about the “correct” response to the story moreso than giving out raw data for the listener to evaluate.

I.E. the application of Bernays-esque “spin doctoring” to influence public perception while pretending to the objectivity of reporting. Political Correctness and Neo-Con Righteousness are equally guilty of the abuse. So named from “SLAG”, the impurities burned and refined out of raw material in metal working.
Neocon slagging: The Palestinian "terrorists" objected to Israel's bombing of food supplies in Gaza.

PC slagging: The election of a "black" president is a mile stone in race relation.
by mabuse January 16, 2009
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"Hang the Fuck Up!" the cell phone correct version (especially appropriate for vehicular maladiction) of the well-established STFU.
"HTFU and DRIVE!" Ted shouted at the smugly self-absorbed yuppie soccer mom who was toddling along the freeway at 40mph in a van filled with children while simultaneously sipping her non-fat-non-dairy-decaf frap and babbling away on her cell phone oblivious to the furious world raging around her.
by mabuse December 12, 2007
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