Dropping the R Bomb (Racist-Racism).

The denunciation of opponents as "Racists" for the purpose of silencing dissent, winning an election or discussion.

Part of a combined arms offensive which includes the use of "Guilt Strafing" (concocting elaborate tautologies the purpose of which is to remind white people of slavery, taking land from the Native Americans, and being, for the most part, descendants of legal immigrants.).

Used separately, R Bombing is frequently deployed by "community activists" in order to intimidate and de-legitimize opponents. Often used to de-rail discussions in which factual material is trumping emotional appear.
Sharpton and Jackson and the acknowledged "Curtis LeMays" of R Bombing, but groups such as La Raza, Southern Poverty Law Center and NAACP have dedicated "Wings" of R Bombers who are deployed throughout the media during campaign season and for high profile crimes.
Example 1:
Protester: Do not reward criminal behavior! No Amnesty for illegal immigrants!

Counter-protestor: You are Racist! (R bombing) White people stole this land! (Guilt Strafing) You are against latinos coming here for a better life! (R Bombing) This country was build on the backs of immigrants. (Guilt Strafing)

Example 2:

Press spokesman: The two suspects were black males in their early 20's and round 6 feet tall and were last seen...

Community activist: Dat's Racist! Why you got be sayin' they was black? You a Racist!

Example #3:
Protestor: Illegally entering the country and taking advantage of the benefits which apply to citizens is just like breaking into someone house and stealing from them.

Counter protestor: That is Racism! (R bombing)

Protestor: Statistically, Mexicans are over 70% of illegal immigrants.

Counter-protestor: Those numbers are Racist and you are promoting Racism by bringing them up, therefore YOU are a Racist. (an R Bomb Clusterfuck)

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by Mabuse August 23, 2012
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The reading of a Blackberry Messenger message and not responding. Clearly denoted by the "R" and "Checkmark" beside the message of the sender.

Usually a sign of disrespect towards the sender of the message.
"Did you ask Natalie if she is coming to that party tonight?"

"Not sure I sent her a BBM; she read it, but didn't respond."

"Dude she totally R-Bomb'd you."

by EricBatt April 22, 2010
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when someone reads your message on bbm and doesn't reply
"heyyy what's up?"
*person reads msg and doesn't reply*
i just got r bombed..
by omgyeeeee August 12, 2011
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When someone see's you have snapchatted them then makes the mental choice not to open your snap
I knew she was on her phone but she didn't open my snap. She must be mental R-bombing me.
by "Literally" god February 8, 2017
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