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Sub-bogan, a term for second or third generation welfare recipients. Usually defined by the petty crimes they like to commit/brag about and sell low quality drugs for sexual favours from degenerate baby-pushing skanks who can't pay with cash because they are incarcerated 90% of their sad, drug-fuelled life.

They wear trackpants daily and use the word "fuck" or "cunt" every second word, deluded into thinking they are major criminals or master-brawlers who can fight their way out of any situation with their skinny, bruised arms.

Generally, end up serving substantial gaol sentences for repeated acts of stupidity. racist no-hopers who live and talk a life of complete bullshit.
Sub-Bogan 1: "Aye, cunt!"
Sub-Bogan 2: "Yeah, cunt. are you lookin?, aye!?"
by m d y May 16, 2009

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To have lost all skank value.
The aftermath of being a hideous skank, therefore losing everything including her drug dealer and her dickhead "friends".
After a life of being a skank without cause, she became a post-skank and grandma at the age of 30.
by m d y May 16, 2009

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