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The act of going around and stealing chrome or cool looking tire valve stem caps from cars around the neighborhood.
The other day, me and my homie were Chromie Hunting and we got two dice caps! Hopefully the guy didnt notice yet.
by luke4010 July 19, 2011
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Same thing as Synthetic Marijuana or K2 or Spice. Derives from the character 'Rick' from Rick and Morty. This term originated in Illinois by Rickhead scumbags that did nothing but smoke Get Real and Madhatter while watching Rick and Morty.
"Yo let me get some of that Ricky, man"
"You're a complete Rickhead, Joe, all you do is smoke spice all day"

"Honestly man I like Rick a lot more than actual kush. It gives such a crazy high that I had a seizure from it"
by luke4010 February 28, 2016
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The worst game ever made. It came out for the Nintendo 64 (the best game system ever made) and was made by Titus. I'm telling you, it is worse than E.T. for the 2600. In this shitty game, you fly through rings with the worst controls ever in any video game, pick up cars, fly through more rings, (repeat that process about 4 more times) until you finally get to a building that is impossible, because of the horrible controls. You have to get a keycard that is located behind a couple of cardboard boxes. Easy enough, right? No. As soon as you pick the fucking box up, it will either explode, or you will throw it, the game will glitch because of the horrible collision engine, the box will suspend above you, and explode within 5 seconds. If you manage to get to the first battle with some woman, you will punch her until she falls through the floor because of the already mentioned horrible collision engine, thus you can't beat her, and the doors won't open. It's impossible.
Guy: Have you ever played Superman 64?

Guy 2: I had that game as a kid when I got my Nintendo 64. I could never get past the first ring stage, and ended up selling it at Gamestop for 75 cents. That game is fucking horrible
by luke4010 April 24, 2013
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