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A person who has smoked enough sherm to acquire serious brain damage. This does not take long to happen, and is often characterized by trembling, drooling from a slackly held-open mouth along with a rambling, mostly incoherent pattern of speach.
Oh man, that Reggie, he ain't nothing but a shermhead now; he ain't no damn good for nothing! Alls he is is a twitching drooling fool slinking around in the alleys. He melted his brains real good.
Dumb motherfu**er!
by Rightwild April 12, 2008
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one who uses "sherm" "pcp" or "angel dust" a lot.
that fucker down the street is always dipping his cigarettes in a smelly liquid, hes a damn sherm head
by therict February 10, 2003
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an idiotic person,not serious;often used in gangster language
A that man Major Willis Serious about those cars but his partner a straight shermhead.
by Major Willis April 16, 2003
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