6 definitions by loulahoula

Slightly drunk. A bit like being drunkified.
I only had one beer but I'm already feeling squiffoid!
by loulahoula May 26, 2013
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Those give-away creases and indentations on your cheeks caused by prolonged contact with sheets and pillows while sleeping.
M: "Adam, why didn't you come down for dinner when I called you?"

A: "Sorry mum, I was studying really, REALLY hard."

M: "Then why do you have napface?"
by loulahoula September 28, 2012
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That messed up hair you wake up with when you've had a little afternoon nap.
"OMG, have you seen Vicki this afternoon? She must have had a little lunchtime snooze. Someone should tell her she's got a seriously bad case of naphair."
by loulahoula September 28, 2012
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We've all done it. You start looking at a short clip - maybe only a few seconds long - and end up clicking on related content after related content for hours and hours on end. It's all just far toooooooo interesting!
Boss: "What time do you call this?!"

Employee: "Sorry - I got stuck in an epic Princess Diana related YouTube Spiral and this morning just got away from me."
by loulahoula February 15, 2013
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