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A city in Norway that's turning more and more into a shithole by the day due to drugs, prostitutes, and thieving little gypsies seem to flood the city as of lately. Just so happens to be the capital as well. In the west side of town you have the stuck up brats that freeload on their daddy's money while spending 3 tubes of wax every day greasing their hair to try and look more of a stuck up brat than the next guy. On the east side there's arguably mostly immigrants who are mostly good people but some real assholes in the mix as well. Personal handguns are illegal yet they seem to be able to get them, probably because the police are looking the other way. You'll find drugs anywhere by night in the city center well done mayor! They seem to be able to sell it freely yet our obsession with being overly politically correct makes law enforcement powerless to actually do anything about it, other than providing druggies with clean needles.

Tourists seem to enjoy it here though as they come here a lot, especially the Japanese, they're for some reason overly fascinated by the statues of naked people in the cities biggest park. I guess one can have a nice time here if you go during the summer while the weather is good and go to the right places, though know that if you go to a restaurant you won't find many Norwegians working there as all the jobs are taken by Swedes. Which is fair enough, they're usually more hard-working and demand less vacation than us anyways.
Talkshow host: What's the drug capital of Europe?
Contestant: Oslo
Talkshow host: Yer
by losing November 30, 2010

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