5 definitions by lois77

A young woman,
who's not hot,
but cute.
Me... wearing a pale pink top with a white --but not transparent-- skirt.
by lois77 June 1, 2005
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It refers to the comics section of newspapers (the part that you prefer or the only one that you read...)
-> To say bye to somebody that you find interesting and funny. You really enjoyed her/his company and want her/him to know it.
At the end of a party, when your new friend leaves :
"LOL ! See ya in the funny papers !"
by lois77 July 14, 2005
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San Francisco
One of the most beautiful cities in the US and amazing for it has a soul.
I left my heart in SF...
by lois77 June 1, 2005
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A girl who's "peachy",
cheerful, lively !
Hi !! ;-D
It's so nice seeing you !!
by lois77 June 2, 2005
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When you're in good shape and in a reaaally good mood !
I'm peachy today !
I've had a good night's sleep... I feel beautiful... birds are singing... the sky is so blue and
I think to myself what a wonderful world !
by lois77 June 2, 2005
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