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literally, someone who goes to a college prepatory school (like me). Many who can afford to get into such schools have enough money to dress like the typical "preppy" person. So, literally, I am a prep, but I have serious issues with people at school who only care about their American Eagle etc. clothes.
However, one who is "preppy" wears the polos.
Prep schools are usually boarding schools (thank God that mine isn't), and they care more about sports such as lacrosse (my school is 2nd or so in the nation) and field hockey (the coach won some award...but since I don't really care, it doesn't bug me).
Preppy preps can by characterized by their love for the words "Oh My Gosh", and "Like", as well as their obsession for clothes more that $100 per article, (for many, especially at my school) love for the color pink, and some strange obession for putting ribbons in their hair. Speaking of thier hair, I know people who would have gone to my school but were scared away on their "Shadow Day" because all (or almost all) the girls had perfect hair that looked like they had spent hours on it.
Girl's skirts in uniform are usually to the top of the knee.
Male preppy preps have a tendency to wear plaid shorts (yep, they really do....)
Preppy prep girl: Like, O my gosh, did you hear what the teacher said? We have to wear our uniform tomorrow...it was supposed to be a non-uniform day.
Non-preppy person: Get over it, I'd rather just wear the uniform.
Preppy prep girl: But, like, I just went shopping, like, yesterday, and like, I wanted to wear my new shirt.
by lizziehanyou November 24, 2006

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