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Acronym for "Worst Case Scenario"; that is, when the shit hasn't just hit the fan, but some jackass turned the fan on and the shit went sliding off it in every direction, smearing everything in it's path.
"What have you been up to all week?"
"I've been working on a WCS-fix for that idiot mistake that the accountant made on Friday. I figured that after enough time you'll ask me to fix it because nobody else knows how, so I may as well be prepared.
by livnah November 15, 2007
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Corndog (n.): a stupid person, more stupid than a clown or douchebag; a walking coated meat popsicle; a mindless consumer.
Me: I'm amused by the way parents tell kids about how there's people "in charge of" things like "honking horn"... there's one person in charge of blah and there's one person in charge of pleh and there's one person in charge of meh
Friend: Kids want to learn, are curious. Parents are stupid
Me: yeah, because the guy that is in charge of the coffee can't be the same one in charge of the horn. if we talk to them like people instead of like corndogs, maybe they'd be smarter
Friend: Haha

Me: and maybe if instead of telling them everything we let them just watch, they wouldn't think we're ask as dumb as corndogs
Friend: Corndogs :D

Me: fookin corndogs, dumbest meat on the planet.
by livnah January 29, 2011
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