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A bloated, enlarged, or extremely full abdominal region after having eaten an exorbitant amount of food. Food babies generally cause discomfort and possible gas or embarrassment, but are unavoidable on occasions such as Thanksgiving.
I ate a chocolate cream pie this morning, and I've had a huge food baby all day.
by littlegreenie March 16, 2009
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After eating an excessive amount of food, becoming so full that you appear and feel pregnant, past the point of a single food baby, you have developed food twins.
Fatty 1: "I ate so many chili cheese fries and cupcakes I got a food baby."
Fatty 2: "Dude, you think thats bad, I ate so many hot dogs I'm starting to think I have food twins."
by littlegreenie March 16, 2009
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Someone who obsessively checks the weather and recites weather reports at any chance they get. They may become irritated or upset when the weather does not end up as they expected.
Weather Whore: "It sucks you wore flip flops today because it is going to rain!"
Flip Flop Wearer: "Don't be such a weather whore! At least I look good."
by littlegreenie March 16, 2009
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