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A hashtag or phrase that’s used to ironically describe something that should have been a normal event but ended up being utterly ridiculous, insane, or absurd because it’s happened in the year 2020.
“England’s bought the wrong satellites for GPS after leaving the EU. Their government clearly has 2020 vision”

“Man have you seen the news? Kanye West is running for president #2020vision”

“Donald Trump bought up the entire worlds supply of the drug to help in the pandemic #2020Vision”
by littlebits July 09, 2020
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I agree. In place of the word 'Ditto'.
First guy: "Man, that girl is hot!"
Second guy: "Twice!"
by littlebits September 25, 2007
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when you agree with the person you are conversing with.
An exclamination of joy without straining oneself.
First guy: "That girl is saucy!"
Second guy: "Twice!"
First guy tells a joke and gives the punchline."
Second guy likes he joke, but not enough for a laugh out loud so he says "Twice"
by littlebits September 26, 2007
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