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When someone who barely knows you makes very accurate assumptions about you from a longer distance, for example by analyzing your online status, and then confronts you about it. Often used together with gaslighting to fake supernatural abilities or just to scare the shit out of you for a moment.
Alice: „Hey, are you enjoying your bologna sandwich?“
Bob: „What!? How’d you know what I was eating?“

Bob: „I got dunekebab’ed by Alice, that really scared me for a moment
by little_dark_age August 6, 2021
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A "golden wind" is the fart equivalent of a golden shower, i. e. someone farts on you (mostly in the facial area to get inhaled) in order to stimulate arousal.
"man, my girlfriend gave me a golden wind the other day, made me come so hard"
by little_dark_age July 22, 2022
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