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The Russo Brothers, directors of three MCU movies created “groundbreaking” LGBTQ+ representation in Avengers: Endgame with their three second cameo of a nameless character at a therapy group implying that he went on a date with a male character. The Russo Brothers proceeded to brag about how progressive that made them for the entirety of the press tour. That nameless character, and the person who portrays him can be both be referred to as “gay joe russo.”
person 1: gay joe russo threw the first brick at Stonewall
person 2: but who will throw the first brick at gay joe russo?
by liabells June 26, 2019
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Short for Thanos Daddy, implying that someone finds Thanos sexually attractive, and would like for him to be their daddy.
mer: if you drop a coin in one of thaddy’s chin slots, you get to ride his face all night long
me: sorry, what?
by liabells June 3, 2019
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Marvel superhero who saved the universe with the assistance of Black Widow. None of the Avengers did anything useful; they just fucked around.
Wow, Tony Stark really did save the universe.”
by liabells June 3, 2019
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